Why Are Coding Languages Important?

Coding Languages are important because they allow humans to communicate with computers and other technology. Without coding languages no computers, phone, etc. would work. We also need different coding languages in order to complete different things. The most common types are below.

Most Widely Used Coding Languages

Java is used to create server-side applications, video games, mobile apps, and more. It is probably the most widely used of all the coding languages.

Python is probably the easiest coding language to learn because it was created to make sure the code was readable. It is mostly widely used because of the use of it in the popular search engine, Google.

JavaScript is what allows people to add interactive elecments to their website.

SQL is a coding language that is based around instructing 'actions', these are things such as deleting, creating, or updating. A common website that uses SQL is Wikipedia.

C is used to code embedded systems which are things such as making small improvements to already developed and coded technology, such as tv's firmware.

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