Computers and Binary Code

Components of Computers


Motherboards are the 'backbone' of computers. It connects all of the other components together by using its printed circuit board.


This is also known as the Central Processing Unit which is the 'brain' of the computer. Most computers now have more than one CPU in order to improve potential and processing power.

Power Supply

This is the energy source that allows us to complete things on our computers. They are essentailly what stores the charge in our computer.

Hard Drives

This is the 'storage unit' of your computer. It is where all of your documents, pictures, videos, etc. are kept in the computer.


It is basically the same as a hard drive but it is removable from the device so you can transfer it if you ever need to, things in Memory are not deleted if your computer is wiped.


Otherwise known as the Graphic Processing Unit, the GPU is the thing that gives your computer good visuals.


The screen is what allows you to view things on your computer. It uses lots of tiny LED like things to make the screen glow and show images, videos and other things on your screen.

Binary Code

Binary code is the language of computers and it uses a series of 0s and 1s rather than our traditional numbers of 1-9. They either represent on (1) or off (0). Binary code also represents the alphabet and the numbers we use. This is what the numbers look like as Binary Code:

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