More About How Transistors Work and How They Work in Computers

A transistor is a common part of electrical circuits and probably one of the most important. They are used as both a switch and amplifier.

How Transistors Work as Amplifiers

Transistors, when working as amplifiers, take in a tiny electronic current at one end and produce a much bigger current at the other end. By doing this they amplify the electronic current.

How Transistors Work as Switches

Transistors, when working as switches, they use the smaller current to switch on the bigger current, so it is essentially the same as the way a transistor amplifies it.

How Transistors Work in Computers

By using this we can see how computers work We can look at the microchip in a computer and see that there are millions and even billions of transistors, and since each transistor can be in two states it can have one of two numbers, those numbers being 0 and 1, this is called binary code, the language of computers. Binary code is a list fo instructions for computers, therefore transistors create the instrcutions for computers in order for them to work. So without transitors, computers would not work.

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